Here you can access links to my blogs, published pieces and books. If you’re so inclined, of course.



Get Off the Milk

The Prose


In the Field Magazine

Aspiring Woman Magazine

Transparency Magazine


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A Day of Vegan Comfort Food Recipes: Pancakes, Sandwiches & Non-Meat-Loaf – The Flaming Vegan

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7 Tips for Staying Motivated While Dieting- 876 Cafe

What Matters?- Faithful Devotions

Calories Bite- BlogHer

A Deadly Old School Farming Technique- GRIT

Thrashing in Hope- AmpersandLiterary

Ghost Written Pieces (there are far too many for an all inclusive list; here are a few for your review):

Payment Trends and Strategies for Small Business Owners

Women’s Woes: Impostor Syndrome, Minority Status & FinTech

Are Fruit Flies Driving You Crazy

How to Keep Your Sales Creativity Flowing

What to Do When You Lose a Deal

Where to Buy Palm Trees in Florida

Sales and the Paradox of Choice

List Building Blues



Be Jesus, Not Jonah

Spiritual Snippets: 365 Days of Devotion

The Healer

Destroy Them