Christian Life-Coaching

This is a service I offer both in person and online (via Messenger). If you are facing some struggles and need someone to talk to about them, or are just uncertain where the Scriptural direction of your life might lead, I am here. I have a BS in psychology and many graduate level hours invested in clinical therapy course work.

I am not claiming to be a counselor, so don’t read that incorrectly. All I’m saying is I am someone with education and experience who is willing to assist you in this life journey, particularly as it pertains to your faith. I can listen, question, point you to appropriate Scripture, and pray with you. I work on a donation basis so there are no fees attached to my services. You can make your donations to my Paypal account with the button below.

I appreciate the opportunity to utilize the gifts God has given me and I hope that I can be of service to my Spiritual siblings in some capacity. Thank you for seeking out my Christian Life-Coaching assistance. If you need a better understanding of who I am, or what I think, Biblically and about life over-all, you can always subscribe to my blog.

Watch the video for additional information: